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At Sushi 7, we are considered an ideal Japanese restaurant in Vancouver due to the extensive quality of our meals. Our highly skilled chefs prepare each meal with care, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients are used. As Vancouver’s prime destination for true and typical flavours of Japanese cuisine, we invite you to dine in at our location on 3488 Cambie Street or you can save time and order online delivery! Not sure what to order? Let us recommend some of our finest dishes! To start, try a delicious appetizer like the Miso Soup which is a traditional fish-based broth, Edamame, or the six-piece Gyoza that is filled with your choice of pork or mixed dumplings. For your meal, enjoy some stir-fried udon noodles such as the Vegetable Yaki Udon or the Beef Yaki Udon. If you are craving fresh sushi, satisfy your hunger with some delectable sushi rolls! A must-try is the Salmon Maki Sushi Roll, five-piece Chicken Sushi Roll, or the eight-piece Alaska Sushi Roll. If you are craving something unique, complement your meal with a delightful vegetarian sushi cone! You can’t go wrong with ordering the eight-piece Avocado Mango Sushi Cone or the Oshinko Maki Cone that is a combination of Japanese pickled vegetables rolled into a beautiful sushi cone! Are you hungry now? We offer convenient delivery and pickup services so that you can enjoy the food you love at home! View our menu today and you can enjoy the best sushi rolls, specials, sashimi, and other incredible Japanese-style meals from Sushi 7 in Vancouver!


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"dynamite roll is a bit of a rip off for what's it's priced at."




"SO GOOD thank you"

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3488 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Vancouver, V5Z 2W8

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11:15 AM - 10:30 PM
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11:15 AM - 10:30 PM
11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
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